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martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Becoming supplier of the cuban market

For the foreign businessmen it is important to know that the Cuban market is conformed for:
  •        Internal market in foreign currencies
  •       Internal market in national  currencies (Peso)
    In the Cuban market a series of Cuban companies authorized to carry out activity of foreign trade     and     they  can be classified as: 
  • Importers Companies. 
  • Exporters Companies
  • Importers and Exporters.
Many foreign companies aspire to be suppliers or buyer of this market, not all of them can be part of this, due the requirements

  • The first necessary aspect is to have a social object in correspondence to the products and services that it offers, the social object that appears in the statutes, should be as wide as possible that includes, the trade wholesaler, foreign trade and that this related with the products that are offered. 
  •   A social capital of 50 000 dollars, as minimum is something well valued, value inferior they can be in disadvantage, because they don't appreciate it as something significant.
  •  Products or services offers needs of certain international recognition should be marketed or of national recognition in their country, with products with complete international technical norms.It is valued a lot that deficit products are offered.
It is necessary to present a complete file of the company that contains :

  • copies of the statutes of the company
  •   copies of the registrations in the Chamber of Commerce or mercantile registrations.
  • copies of bank guarantee
  • List    with  products and services

!!Important !! 
The whole documentation, it should be translated to Spanish and legalized in present
of public notary and then legalized on Cuban embassy.

Once the documentation is evaluated and accepted by the Cuban importer, it is classified the supplier by the sectors that it presented in their products and services. It is important to plan a presentation visit, to promote the company, know the Cuban client, and their environment.